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 S>Juperos Leeches (faster than Niff, lvls 89-94)

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S>Juperos Leeches (faster than Niff, lvls 89-94) Empty
PostSubject: S>Juperos Leeches (faster than Niff, lvls 89-94)   S>Juperos Leeches (faster than Niff, lvls 89-94) Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 7:48 am

Yes you read right, Juperos leech. I've been trying it out recently and I've found out that the exp there is really good, a lot better than overcrowded niff. All the people I've leeched so far have been surprised by how fast it is. The problem with Juperos is that since not many people do leeches there, there's not really a "safe zone" for the ones getting leeched. So it is required that you can survive there on their own (hiding accessory can help a lot), and you shouldn't go afk during the leech. However, in case you do die, it's fast and easy to get back using the warp girl.

I'll be using my WS (99/70) for leeching, his ign is Fumimarou. My current rate for guildies is 500k/hour, which is cheaper than most niff leeches out there. I would like to do it for free, but the profit in Juperos isn't quite as stable as in niff (it depends a lot on how much I can sell the steels and armor charms for), and it requires a whole lot more meat than niff. The price is also to prevent thinking that just being in a guild will grant you free stuff. I'm sure none of the current members are like that, but I've seen too much of it in the past.

Anyways, if you're interested, just contact one of my ign's and I'll see when I'm available. You can also leave a message here, I'll try to remember and check this thread regularly. The ign's to contact would be:
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S>Juperos Leeches (faster than Niff, lvls 89-94)
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