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PostSubject: OVERHEARD ON PRONTERA STREET BY VENDOR   Fri Aug 08, 2008 1:56 am

So who has at a time checked on their vendor and heard some interesting conversations going on in Pront. Some interesting, some boring, some funny Very Happy some very sad Sad Well this morning as i was about to leave for work (luckily i work for myself and dont have time frame) i heard two lots, one was this guy saying he was hungry and that life was a Biatch, i never heard the other part from the 2nd party, but he added he cudnt buy tacos, and had only beans and rice, said he had spent all his money on dube and women (adding just in case nobody understood.... hookers) the carried on talking about his situation, saying what he would really like was a pot rolling monkey. Then there was these other two knights, one had a lazy smokie hat the other hatless and this one was saying he so wanted the lion masquerade (probably being on some vendor close by) sighing he said "oh well will have to resign myself to saving up 4 mil", Only 4 mil, i just had to save up over 70 mil for my kaho, and yes i just bought it, (pats herself on the back).. after 2 years of playing aRo, oo but im off my subject now, anyway i have to go and earn some real money if i want to continue having a computor with internet access Laughing Add some more interesting convos over heard in Prontera.. sunny
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PostSubject: Re: OVERHEARD ON PRONTERA STREET BY VENDOR   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:19 am

what did she say? Very Happy *hides behind jani
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