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 WoE Strat- Dancer VS Doppel

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WoE Strat- Dancer VS Doppel Empty
PostSubject: WoE Strat- Dancer VS Doppel   WoE Strat- Dancer VS Doppel Icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2008 3:36 pm

A big emperium defence skill is having a dancer with "Please don't forget me"
It reduces the attackers attack speed by 30% and walking speed by 20%.

Now if i'm attacking, I could bring a DDDP blade to swap to.
I would have 190 attack speed while the dancer is playing, and my gears would still up my str.
All the other guilds will either hit the emperium slowly, or hit the dancer.

Not only me, but if a Sin in our guild had DDDP and a STT/SST They could really take down the emperium while the dancer is playing the song. They would be the only one hitting it at max attack speed.

Of course I havn't tried this out, but it should work.
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WoE Strat- Dancer VS Doppel
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