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 Anime help

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PostSubject: Anime help   Anime help Icon_minitimeFri Mar 07, 2008 8:59 pm

hello. i am looking for a site that has tons of anime, and you can stream or watch episodes online. does anyone know of a site? im interested in watching a few series/movies that look interesting to me. also i want to finish watchign some seires i started

also what anime do u guys like

i like

all of the .hack// anime series such as //SIGN, and //Dusk, etc.
My Neighbor Totoro
Spirited Away
Blue Gender
Princess Mononoke
I LOVE GiTS!!!!!!!!!
Perfect Blue
Coyboy Bebop
Howls Moving Castle
Advent Children(dunno if its really anime(the bonus disc has anime on it though)
Blood the last Vampire
Vampire Hunter D

any suggestions to add to a good list? no naruto or full metal alch plz. i like naruto alot but its not noteworthy enough for me to add it
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PostSubject: Re: Anime help   Anime help Icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2008 11:34 am
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Anime help
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