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 Dev's Event xP

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Dev's Event xP Empty
PostSubject: Dev's Event xP   Dev's Event xP Icon_minitimeMon Feb 25, 2008 10:08 pm

Congratulations to the event winners:

1st: Spartus
2nd: Danine
3rd: Lil_Anime_Freak
4th: Flav's Slave
5th: aD'z
6th: Ramsey

Special thanks to everyone who participated.

This event was a scavenger hunt like event held on popo island. The items everyone hunted for were not specific, but differn't drops. Unfortunatly I was dropping items and not a participant. At the time taking screenshots while during the event slipped my mind.

Dev's Event xP Event1
A few of the items being dropped

Dev's Event xP Event2
Grats Spartus

Dev's Event xP Event3
Grats Danine

Dev's Event xP Event4
No Idea!

Dev's Event xP Event5
Yay screenshot!

Dev's Event xP Event6
Yay group!

Dev's Event xP Event7
Yay group!

Dev's Event xP Event8
Only just noticed i'm partied with Vages for some reason. tongue

Dev's Event xP Event9-1
Heres most of whom were there.

Yay group!

(This post was the 100th post on the screenshot forum.) Woot! Special.
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Dev's Event xP Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dev's Event xP   Dev's Event xP Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 4:18 pm

GIB THE 22M YOU HAVE LEFT NAO! D= bad i wasnt there ;<
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Dev's Event xP
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