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 HOW IT ALL BEGAN......flashback......flashback......f..l..a..s..h..b..a..c..k..

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PostSubject: HOW IT ALL BEGAN......flashback......flashback......f..l..a..s..h..b..a..c..k..   Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:51 pm


As far back as i can remember i have always enjoyed video games, ever since i was knee high to a grasshopper(lol lets u know how old u r if u know this saying) i was first intro to games thru my old man and his NES(aaa..sweet mems) ever since then i was hooked. unfortunately i lived w/ the wicked bitch of the west a.k.a mum Twisted Evil who despised video games Sad and tried 2 diminish my enjoyment of them(apparently they rot ur brain, meh who knew) so my exposure was limited. it wasn't until i was in japan back in 2001 where the addiction really went amuk. i was introduced to my first RPG Like a Star @ heaven FF8 Like a Star @ heaven (lights shine frm heaven "Hallelujah") frm there FF7 and so on and so forth. For awhile i was hooked on the good ol' game stations playin this shit until a friend told about this new game coming out(2005) Guild Wars an online rpg(my first) tried it out and enjoyed more it than i thought i would. Since then my online gaming has rotated between these main 3, Guild Wars, MapleStory and alas Ragnarok Online.
So 2 answer the question of how i came into playin RO, there u have it.(quite a mouthful Sleep )
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PostSubject: Re: HOW IT ALL BEGAN......flashback......flashback......f..l..a..s..h..b..a..c..k..   Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:39 am

lol yea i started like to play on9 game few years back started with RANonline..then to MU...GB...and hope this will remains forever-->RO Razz
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HOW IT ALL BEGAN......flashback......flashback......f..l..a..s..h..b..a..c..k..
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